Containerised Gas Generating Systems

Intaka Tech designs, fabricates, installs and maintains Oxygen GGS (PSA Generators and medical) for customers in the chemical, metal processing and other industries.

Medical Oxygen & Medical Air Oxygen

Hospitals, healthcare, etc.

On Site PSA systems provide a safe, efficient low-cost solution to the high cost of cylinder oxygen. PSA Systems may be hooked up directly to a manifold in hospitals, as well as provide medical air for ventilators and Anaesthesia units.


The purpose of this specification is to outline minimum safety and performance requirements of the GGS (PSA Systems) for medical oxygen and medical air.

The minimum oxygen concentration produced by our GGS (PSA Systems), as well as the entire specifications for medical oxygen,is in accordance with the International U.S. Pharmacopeia:

  • 2008 USPNF 26 Vol.3 for Medical Oxygen
  • 2008 USPNF 26 Vol.2 for Medical Air


  • Proudly South African certified
  • SABS ISO9001 / 2008 certified
  • Patent registered for Africa with the South Africa Patent Registrar
  • All electrical connection done in accordance with South Africa Wiring Code SANS 10142
  • Medical registered gas pipeline installers.


GGS in Africa

Sales of the GGS for medical oxygen and medical air are targeted primarily at:

  • Government owned hospitals
  • Private sector hospitals
  • Clinics

Intaka Tech has a track record of successful GGS installations at hospitals across Africa. To date in excess of 80 systems are operating at various locations.

Product Description


The GGS occupies a market niche which is unique, in that it can produce between:

  • 1 and 191 Tons of medical oxygen per month
  • 5 and 126 Tons of medical air per month

The systems are 100% ‘Proudly South African’, and have been developed to suit our local conditions.

  • All patents and rights to the products are held locally by Intaka Tech.
  • A benefit resulting from the local manufacture is that local backup and support is available from our qualified Technical Team.

The product has a high fault tolerance with:

  • dual power supplies(optional)
  • dual compressors
  • dual storage tanks

The oxygen generation capacity rating of the unit is based on the output of a single compressor, this means that should a problem occur on any part of the primary system, the secondary system is activated with no degradation of service to the hospital.

All essential components are monitored by Intaka Tech’s technical team using a telemetry option (GPRS), allowing early response to potential problems.


Skid Mount GGS

Compact Modular Design
Intaka Tech’s use of skid Mount allows easy transportation and installation of the system at your site within a gas room or production area. Our staff is present at site to oversee installation, as well as to assist with commissioning and training of your personnel.



Why on-site generation of gas?

(a.) As the source material is limitless and free, the medical air will be generated at no additional cost. The facility cost of gas is therefore reduced.
(b.) After amortising the cost of the equipment, the cost of producing gas is equivalent to the cost of electricity and that of the maintenance required to operate the GGS.
(c.) Medical oxygen and medical air are convenient, reliable and always available on demand. The hospital or clinic is not vulnerable to the priorities or problems of a Transport Contractor, who is responsible for deliveries.
(d.) The system is mobile and easily transportable as a self-generating gas system.
(e.) It is easy to operate, with service and maintenance contracts offered by Intaka Tech on a three to five year basis.
(f.) It offers easy access to information. Oxygen purity and pressure information is accessed via a touch screen.
(g.) All units are fitted with a GPRS for monitoring performance from anywhere in the world.

Why Intaka Tech GGS?

(a.) Intaka Tech is currently the only South African manufacturer of mid-sized GGS.
(b.) Intaka Tech has a successful track record where we have implemented and supported our systems at hospitals. The high quality systems installed have proven to be reliable and easy-to-operate.
(c.) Low electricity requirements,as Intaka Tech GGS utilize approximately 1.2Kw of electricity to generate 1 kg of medical oxygen and 1.2 kg of medical air.

(d.) Over 100 units installed in ten African Countries.

Installation, Commissioning and Preventative/Corrective Maintenance

All our equipment is backed by a highly competent products support and customer services network where are machines are operating. Intaka Tech installation staff are certified engineers supported by a group of manufacturing and assembly technicians. Intaka Tech has thorough maintenance and support systems which ensure that each of Intaka Tech’s GCS is maintained and supported throughout its lifetime.

Containerised Systems

Intaka Tech GGS are installed in a containerized system.

  • Containers sizes vary depending on the production capacity of a unit.
  • Container is fully equipped with thermal insulation and sound proofing.
  • Container is equipped with forced ventilation system.
  • Container is equipped with fire protections system.

All Intaka Tech GGS are provided with a Certificate of Compliance.

With our track record of installations across the continent to supply hospitals with medical oxygen and medical air, and our commitment to service excellence, we believe that we can provide real value to our customers.

Range of Medical Oxygen GGS Models

Available in either Container or Skid Mount (as indicated with *)

Oxygen GGS
Oxygen GGS
Skid Mounted GGS
Skid Mounted GGS
E.G. Usher KZN RSA 200 Beds
E.G. Usher KZN RSA 200 Beds
Installed GGS at Hospital with stand by generator
Installed GGS at Hospital with stand by generator
Mseleni KZN RSA 190 Beds
Mseleni KZN RSA 190 Beds
Ceza KZN RSA 226 Beds
Ceza KZN RSA 226 Beds
Skid Mounted GGS
Skid Mounted GGS
Manguzi KZN RSA122 Beds
Manguzi KZN RSA122 Beds