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Intaka Tech signs a maintenance services agreement with the Department of Health of Kwazulu-Natal

Intaka supplied and maintained 23 GGS units at various hospitals in Kwazulu-Natal. Upon termination of the initial agreement, ownership of 23 GGS units installed at the Hospitals was transferred from Intaka to the Client. A GGS unit had previously been installed at Rietvlei hospital under a separate agreement, where ownership remained vested with Intaka. During …


Intaka Tech installs first GGS in Malawi

During August 2014 Intaka Tech, through its local partner in Malawi, successfully commissioned the first GGS (Gas Generating System) in Malawi at the Nkhata Bay Hospital. The 3 compartment containerised GGS unit produces 6.9 kg/h of medical oxygen as well as medical air. The second compartment houses the oxygen cylinder filling station and a cylinder …


Intaka installs Medical Gas Piping & CO2 Manifold at Maputo Maternity Hospital

Intaka Tech and its Mozambique partner MOAAR have successfully completed the medical gas pipeline installation at Maputo Maternity hospital. The medical pipeline installation was completed on the Ground Floor and the Main Theatres where the pipeline was installed for a total of six medical gases, namely Oxygen, Vacuum, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Low Pressure(4 bar) …


Intaka installs a GGS at Matola Hospital Mozambique

Intaka Tech and its Mozambique partner MOAAR have successfully completed another project of supplying medical oxygen, medical air and vacuum to the Ministry of Health of Mozambique. The GGS 0100A model has a production of up to 30kgā€™s of Oxygen per hour. The Gas Generation System (GGS) was delivered to the Matola Hospital on the …


Intaka Tech Installs Cylinder Filling System at Panzi Hospital ā€“ DRC

In addition to the pipeline and GGS installed at Panzi hospital in 2013, Intaka Tech was again contracted by BTC Brussels to install an oxygen cylinder filling system at the hospital. The installation, commissioning and training was done from the 29th to the 1st of October and was completed successfully by our Factory and Maintenance …

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