Boosting Healthcare in SA

Boosting Healthcare in SA

Intaka Tech, Cape Town-based manufacturer and marketer of state-of-the-art gas and water equipment, is helping to boost the health care industry in South Africa with its Gas Generation Systems (GGS / PSA Generator). Over 50 of these Systems are in operation at hospitals throughout the country.

Intaka Tech is currently working in conjunction with the South African Government to accelerate service delivery, and enhance the health care and wellbeing of South Africa’s people.

Rodrigo Savoi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intaka Tech explained that the “South African Government is currently under pressure in terms of service delivery… Our objective is to work in partnership with [the South African] Government where- ever possible to contribute to its goal to provide effective [and] appropriate services to comprehensively address South Africa’s health care gas needs.”

Intaka Tech’s GGS generates medical oxygen and medical air on-site, providing a cost effective supply on demand. It is easily and quickly transported to its destination no matter how remote. Intaka Tech is currently the only South African manufacturer of mid-sized PSA gas generation systems.

Our most recent installations were 22 GGS’s at state hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal. The commissioning of a further 23 GGS’s is currently in process, these being phases three and four of the project. The GGS’s will be the main source of medical oxygen supply in the KwaZulu-Natal state hospitals for medical oxygen and medical air.

A total of 30 GGS’s are also in operation at 30 different hospitals in the Northern Cape. Seven of the plants were installed four years ago, with another 23 being installed three years ago. These hospitals are now producing their own medical oxygen and medical air supply into main pipeline supply 24/7. This eliminates the use of individual cylinders positioned all over the hospital, reduces the risk of contamination, and also reduces the carbon footprint by producing gas on site.

The atmosphere that the medical oxygen and medical air is produced from is limitless and free at every hospital site, which is one of the reasons why the GGS operating costs are very low. Use of the Intaka Tech GGS means that the hospitals concerned are not vulnerable to the priorities or problems of a transport contractor who is responsible for gas deliveries.

As with all Intaka Tech’s designs, the GGS is very robust and demands very little maintenance. Savoi said that, “Its operation is easy to master, and maintenance is limited to normal air compressor upkeep and the periodic cleaning of filter parts”.

It offers easy information access within the containerized system. Oxygen purity and pressure information is accessed via a touch screen.

In addition all essential components are monitored allowing early response to potential problems. Using a telemetry option (GPRS), monitoring of the equipment may be done from a central control centre.

The minimum oxygen concentration produced by the Intaka Tech GGS, as well as the entire specifications for medical oxygen, is in accordance with the International U.S. Pharmacopeia:

  • 2008 USP NF 26 Vol. 3 for Medical Oxygen 93 (range 90% to +96% by volume)
  • 2008 USP NF 26 Vol. 2 for Medical Air

Intaka Tech models occupy a unique market niche, in that they can produce between:

  • 1 and 191 tons of medical oxygen per month, and
  • 5 and 126 tons of free medical air per month

It is ideal for applications in:

  • government owned hospitals,
  • private sector hospitals, and
  • clinics

The hospital contracts are based on a long-term investment concept. Monthly rental covers the equipment, pipe work, service and maintenance for the first five-year tender. For the second five year tender the only cost of producing gas is equivalent to the cost of maintenance required to operate the system, as well as electricity.

Intaka Tech’s customer service extends far beyond the sale of its equipment to include highly competent product support and customer service networks, wherever its equipment is operating.

Intaka Tech’s quest to enhance the lives of its target market forms part of its sound Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, and the company is dedicated to adhering to the socio-economic needs of South Africa.

With its head office in Cape Town in South Africa, the industrial gateway to the African continent, Intaka Tech is operating throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries, and is committed to growing and entrenching its presence in Africa on an ongoing basis. The organisation is able to supply its equipment to even the most remote communities, helping to make the hospitals in these communities more selfsufficient and independent.