Intaka supports the Retreat Haven Night Shelter

Intaka supports the Retreat Haven Night Shelter

To honour the life and legacy of the late Mr. Mandela, we at Intaka Tech participated in the ‘Mandela deed’ by spending 67 minutes making sandwiches and giving chocolates to the Haven Night Shelter in Retreat.

The Haven Night Shelter is a welfare organisation that provides temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless persons in the Western Cape. The Haven can accommodate up to 80 people at one time.

A range of tasks were assigned to willing staff members, who donated their time to make over 100 sandwiches for the Haven Night Shelter. Intaka Tech staff members captured Mr. Mandela’s vision by coming together in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

Once the sandwiches were completed, two staff members drove to the Haven Night Shelter in Retreat to deliver the sandwiches and chocolates.  They were greeted by Carmen Hermanus, the Manager, who was very grateful for Intaka Tech’s donation. Carmen shared with us some background about the shelter and the incredible work that they do. Carmen explained that the Haven is there to help those get back on their feet after being faced with truly terrible circumstances.

Celebrating Mandela Day 2015 was a wonderful experience – one which would not have been made possible without the kind donation from Intaka Tech and the team spirit displayed by Intaka Tech staff members.