Intaka Tech supports Sisanda FunDaytion

Intaka Tech supports Sisanda FunDaytion

Intaka Tech (Pty) Ltd (“the Company”) is in the process of renewing its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard. As part of the process, the Company explored options in terms of possible Enterprise Development donations.

The Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rodrigo Savoi, suggested Sisanda FunDaytion as a possible recipient for the Company’s donation. Mr. Rodrigo Savoi has had the pleasure of supporting Sisanda FunDaytion in the past and can attest to the inspirational work that they do. Sisanda FunDaytion is a non-profit organisation (“NPO”) working with volunteers to influence the lives of disadvantaged children in South Africa through recreation and fun. One of Sisanda’s many wonderful programmes is called the Fun Day programme, which involves taking a group of children along with a group of volunteers for a day out in order to experience something that is new or unfamiliar to them. The goal of a Fun Day is to inspire and motivate these children through fun, joy, hope and diversity, to overcome their circumstances and learn more about the world around them. The Fun Day also offers volunteers the opportunity to connect with children from diverse backgrounds in a fun and accessible experience, encouraging active citizenship. Sisanda FunDaytion welcomes individuals and corporates to get involved through investing, sponsoring or volunteering.

Sisanda Beneficiaries

The Company made a unanimous decision to make a donation to Sisanda FunDaytion. On 14 November 2014 the Company donated over twenty thousand rand to Sisanda FunDaytion. The Company is honoured to support Sisanda FunDaytion and is motivated by the much-needed impact the NPO continues to have on disadvantaged children in South Africa.