COVID-19 Oxygen Solutions in Lesotho

COVID-19 Oxygen Solutions in Lesotho

The Lesotho Millenium Development Agency awarded a tender to Intaka Technology for the design, supply and commissioning of two 21 kg/hr containerized Oxygen PSA Gas Generation and Cylinder Filling Stations at Motebang Hospital in the North and Mafeteng Hospital in the West.

The Lesotho Millenium Development Agency (LMDA) an organization created by the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho to support development endeavors through implementation of Health Facilities Sustainability Program in partnership with the Ministry of Health embarked on this significant project to provide oxygen cylinders to hospitals in the rural areas of Lesotho in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.

Intaka Tech recommended an optimal design for a cylinder filling station to supply cylinders to the hospitals and surrounding facilities is to fill at a rate of 16 m3/h which equates to 18 x 50L cylinders filled every 8 hours.

The entire system was built in a 40ft shipping container, which was modified for use for the equipment therein and includes insulation paneling on the walls, mechanical ventilation, lighting and two side doors. The 40ft container was divided into two sections, one for the oxygen generator and one section for the high-pressure oxygen cylinder filling system.

The cylinder manifold itself has 10 x filling stations, both for bullnose cylinders and smaller pin-index cylinders. An adjustable cylinder rack was made at the manifold to accommodate the different sized cylinders.

Intaka Tech conducted a site visit to Lesotho in the beginning of the year to identify optimum sites for the containerized systems. A local Civil Works Contractor completed the concrete plinths and Intaka installed the first oxygen system at Mafeteng Hospital on the 14th August and the second at Motebang Hospital on the 15th August 2021.

Mafeteng Hospital was prioritized for commissioning as the area was a COVID-19 hotspot and the production of the oxygen cylinders was for their new COVID Ward. The Intaka Team installed and commissioned the gas generation and cylinder filling plant on the 20 August 2021. Maintenance Staff and Operators were trained to operate the system and were given first level maintenance training. The Intaka team then repeated the process at Motebang Hospital where the plant was fully commissioned by the 24 August.

Crane used to place GGS on the concrete plinth at Motebang Hospital

Mafeteng Hospital installed GGS

Cylinder filling station

Clean Air filtration system

PSA Oxygen Concentrators

Mafeteng Hospitals COVID 19 Ward