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Intaka Tech Contracted for Additional Pipeline Installation at Panzi Hospital

Intaka Tech has assisted Panzi Hospital with additional pipeline installations. The hospital received a donation from BTC Brussels for our GGS Model 020 and the material for a pipeline. While doing the installation we were asked to assist with providing the manpower and expertise to install the pipeline and points within the hospital theatres and …


Intaka Tech Uganda has their foot in the door of the Uganda Private Medical Oxygen Market with the commissioning of our first PSA Oxygen System at Case Hospital.

A Five Year Supply Rental Contract, with the option to purchase within first year, was signed with Case Hospital late last year. The installation and commissioning of the plant was done over the last two weeks in the basement of the hospital. Our HOD, Mr Celso Dos Santos, travelled to Uganda to personally oversee the …


Hospital Maternidade Lucrecia Paim (Angola) – Renovated and New Oxygen Supply

Hospital Maternidade Lucrecia Paim is a reference Maternity Hospital in Luanda Angola, they do an average of 120 births / day. Intaka Tech was called in October 2011, to assess the Hospital needs and recommend the way forward for the Hospital to get the PSA and filling cylinders facility back on line (in order to …


Intaka Technology Namibia expands offices and upgrades units

Offices The Intaka Technology Operations in Namibia have taken on a new structure to meet the WHO and Department of Health requirements of the tender awarded to provide oxygen at 32 hospitals with on-site Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Systems – Intaka Tech Gas Generating Systems or GGS – installed at each hospital. These GGS plants …


Panzi Hospital – Bukavu – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Intaka Tech has their foot in the door of the Congo Medical Oxygen Market with the tender award of our first PSA Oxygen System at Panzi Hospital. The contracting authority of this procurement is the Belgian Technical Cooperation, “BTC” public limited company with a social purpose, having its registered office at 147 Street High, 1000 …

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