Rundu Maternity Hospital GGS O40A installed in Namibia

Rundu Maternity Hospital GGS O40A installed in Namibia

Rundu’s existing State Hospital recently underwent expansions to include the New Rundu Maternity Hospital, where the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) awarded a tender to Intaka Technology Namibia to supply various medical equipment and related piping systems which was installed in September 2020.

Intaka Technology Namibia was requested by the MoHSS to further supply a GGS O40A capable of producing 17 kg/hr of medical oxygen. The gas generation system was built in a 20ft container and delivered to Rundu Maternity Hospital and placed on a concrete plinth on the 28th July 2021. The containerized system was connected to the facilities medical pipeline to serve as the primary oxygen supply with the cylinder manifold providing the secondary and reserve oxygen supplies. The machine was commissioned and handed over to the hospital on the 30th of July

Container being offloaded onto a concrete plinth