Intaka Tech installs first GGS in Mozambique

Intaka Tech installs first GGS in Mozambique

During May 2014 Intaka Tech, through its local partner in Mozambique MOAAR, successfully commissioned the first GGS (Gas Generating System) in Mozambique at the Maputo Central Maternity Hospital.

The GGS unit consists of 3 compartments, where the first produces 10.75 kg/h of medical oxygen as well as medical air. The second compartment houses the oxygen cylinder filling station and cylinder backup comprising a 6×6 oxygen cylinder manifold, as well as a 2×2 nitrous oxide cylinder manifold and 2×2 medical air cylinder manifold. The third compartment houses the 65m3/h vacuum system.

The various gasses from the GGS were piped to the hospital, where the new medical piping installation in being undertaken by Intaka’s technicians. Intaka used as much of the existing piping where possible, and will complete all the necessary piping as the hospitals revitalisation project commences.