Intaka Technology Namibia expands offices and upgrades units

Intaka Technology Namibia expands offices and upgrades units


The Intaka Technology Operations in Namibia have taken on a new structure to meet the WHO and Department of Health requirements of the tender awarded to provide oxygen at 32 hospitals with on-site Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Systems – Intaka Tech Gas Generating Systems or GGS – installed at each hospital.

These GGS plants need regular service and maintenance by our Technical Team, so Intaka Technology Namibia have established two new offices – one in Windhoek covering the Southern Region and the other in Oshakati covering the Northern Region.

Both offices are fully prepared with qualified staff, equipment and the necessary tools to conduct the service and maintenance of all 32 units and respond swiftly to any emergencies.


All 32 Intaka Tech GGS units have now been upgraded with GPRS which monitors and relays the data for the ongoing performance of each plant via the internet. This advancement ensures that quality and performance are well maintained and controlled.