ISO Accolades for Intaka Tech

ISO Accolades for Intaka Tech

Intaka Tech has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification. This is as a result of its total dedication to ensuring that the equipment it manufactures meets exacting technical standards, together with its complete commitment to customer service.

Following six months of preparation to become certified, Intaka Tech, manufacturer of portable water purification plants, and on-site oxygen and medical air generation plants, was assessed and audited by accredited certification body, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). Based on this audit that took place in December last year, the SABS affirmed that Intaka Tech’s systems comply with their stipulations and has awarded the company the prestigious quality management system.

Mario Carelse, Manager, Sales and Customer Relations, for the SABS said, “The ISO 9001:2000 certification indicates that Intaka Tech’s systems are of a reliable, consistent quality and are in accordance with international standards… It means that what the customer wants, he will get.”

Dr Gastón Savoi, Chairman of the Intaka Group said, “Integral to our operations is our ongoing goal to build and maintain strong, mutually beneficial working relationships with our customers… ISO certification helps us with this mission, and we are delighted with the reassurance this certification will give our customers regarding the safety, efficiency and efficacy of our plants. Added to this is the confidence it will give them that we at all times provide tip-top customer service and product back-up.”

With its head office in Cape Town, South Africa, Intaka Tech operates throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries, and is committed to growing and entrenching its presence in Africa on an ongoing basis. The primary objective of this solutions-driven company is to improve and enhance the lifestyle, and well-being of its target market.