Malawi SRB and Intaka Tech Collaboration

Malawi SRB and Intaka Tech Collaboration

Intaka Tech successfully completed the first installation phase of a 56.5 m3/hr water purification plant at the Lichenza Dam in the Thyolo district of Malawi.

The project was executed in conjunction with the Southern Region Water Board of Malawi to provide portable drinking water to the new Malawi University of Science and Technology located in the south of Blantyre. The project included the abstraction works (pontoon with submersibles) and pipelines, the treatment works, the high lift pump station (130m head) and the elevated pressed steel tank of 250 cubic meter capacity.

The second phase is expected to start this year and is a mirror image of the current treatment plant installed by Intaka. Portable water will be pumped through two lifts to the Chingasi reservoir, from where the portable water will gravity feed via two main lines to the recipient communities in the area.

The modern plants are manufactured from stainless steel and are based on lamellar settler principles and pressure filtration where the purification steps are chemically induced coagulation and flocculation leading to sedimentation, followed by pressure filtration and chlorination. The entire treatment plant and control systems was constructed in South Africa and transported to Malawi in order to minimize construction time on site.

The commissioning team comprising of Engineers, Technicians and Artisans will commission the purification plant in the first quarter of this year once the Malawi Ministry of Water and Irrigation have formally handed over the dam to the South Region Water Board.

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