Panzi Hospital – Bukavu – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Panzi Hospital – Bukavu – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Intaka Tech has their foot in the door of the Congo Medical Oxygen Market with the tender award of our first PSA Oxygen System at Panzi Hospital.

The contracting authority of this procurement is the Belgian Technical Cooperation, “BTC” public limited company with a social purpose, having its registered office at 147 Street High, 1000 Brussels. As an agency of Belgian development, BTC supports developing countries in their fight against poverty.

The PSA Oxygen System will be a donation from BTC to the Hospital.

The BTC tender called for the supply, installation and commissioning of the PSA system of 6.5 Nm3/hour oxygen production capacity and also had to include a two year warrantee period.

Intaka Tech competed with all the main European Manufacturers for PSA Systems and based on the results, out-priced them all.

“Intaka Tech’s price was 30% lower than the second bidder, which gives us confidence in our product pricing for the African Market” says Gerald Quinlivan, Commercial & Sales Manager – Gas Generation Department.

Dr Savoi, Chairman of Intaka Tech, comments “This project will serve as a flagship for Intaka Tech in the DRC and strengthen our relationship with BTC, hopefully opening the door to other African countries which BTC has an interest in.”

The system is scheduled for commissioning by the 15th of March 2013.