Intaka Tech is setting new standards in the field of Water Purification and Gas Generation. Our range of robust, high-tech industrial products have proven themselves with distinction internationally, firmly establishing Intaka Tech as a partner to a number of essential industries.

The Intaka Tech Water Purification Plants and Gas Generating Systems have already carved out an enviable reputation for themselves in South America as well as Southern Africa. In fact, more than 200 units are currently in operation in a variety of local hospitals and rural communities, where they have become veritable fountains of life. That is why one can safely say that Intaka Tech’s technology has already proved that it can survive and thrive in Africa.

Our products offer numerous unusual benefits as well as practical distinctive features, such as portability and mobility, easy installation, straight-forward operation and uncomplicated maintenance, as well as low operation costs and the backing of Intaka Tech’s product support specialists

Intaka Tech is a member of the “Proudly South African” organisation. We are “Proudly South African”, in everything we do.

The fact that Intaka Tech’s equipment is manufactured locally means that our customers benefit from an instant response time. At the same time our organisation provides job opportunities that contribute significantly to the South African economy. Offices have been established in Namibia and Uganda and investments are being made in terms of office space, vehicles, equipment and local staff who are being trained by our experienced engineers.

Intaka Tech is resolutely dedicated to adhering to the socio-economic needs of South Africa.

Intaka Tech wholeheartedly embraces its socio-economic responsibility and supports Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Employment Equity.

We are involved in developing empowerment initiatives and BEE partnerships wherever it is possible and viable.

Our Approach

At Intaka Tech we work as a team. Our goal is to be the best and to go above and beyond for our clients.

We understand that as a company we are at our most productive and best when we trust one another. At Intaka Tech we staunchly believe in getting the job done and doing it to the best of our abilities.

Intaka Tech ideally views itself as one large family. We recognise that our company has diverse abilities, strengths and talents, which compliment and ensure completion of the tasks initiated by our colleagues and friends.
We believe that our team is capable of mastering any difficulty that may arise in our day to day workings. Intaka Tech ensures that we meet our objective, which is to make a meaningful difference in all that we do.

We are here to serve our clients and help them to overcome and solve whatever problems and challenges they may have. We have the talent, ingenuity and also courage to overcome almost impossible odds. We do it for our clients and also for ourselves.
We are proud to serve, and make the difference that matters.

Quality & Safety

Intaka Tech is certified to ISO9001:2008, an international known quality standard. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality products and service to our clients.

The company recognises the importance of monitoring and reviewing our quality management systems and through continual monitoring and planned reviews, we have the opportunity to identify improvements to our products and service. All our products are manufactured against a formal documented management framework which complies with ISO9001:2008 and all other relevant industry regulations and standards.

As a member of the Intaka Group, Intaka Tech strives to comply with all Health and Safety Regulations, in order provide a safe working environment for all our staff, contractors and clients.

Social Responsibilty

Intaka Tech is committed to the wellbeing of the rural communities wherein it operates, providing them with vital health care facilities and products to become more self-sufficient and independent.
Intaka Tech’s Water Purification installations help communities in a variety of ways, beginning with decreasing or eliminating water demand problems in areas where supply systems have been insufficient or even non-existent. Intaka Tech’s water quality conforms to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, as well as the South African drinking water standard, namely SANS 241:2006.

In the same way Intaka Tech’s Gas Generation Systems are making an invaluable contribution at many hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities, no matter how remote, as these machines are self-generating and portable. They are also easy to operate and maintain, no matter where they are located.

Because Intaka Tech’s Gas Generation Systems use air as its source material, it’s limitless and free, and users are no longer dependent on delivery of cylinders that greatly increase operating costs. In fact, Intaka Tech’s equipment is known to help dramatically reduce operating costs in communities and institutions. This further contributes to self-sufficiency and independence.

The word Intaka means bird, which is why our logo is that of a proud, self-reliant bird in flight. It symbolises freedom from want, independence and autonomy, which Intaka Tech’s equipment helps to provide.