Water Purification & Treatment

Our commitment is to ensure that the installation of each unit results in providing a final solution to the supply of potable water in an efficient and safe manner as well as providing significant saving to our customers. Water is produced in accordance with National and International Standards.

Intaka Tech wishes to return water back to its original state – clear, pure and pristine – easier, simpler and using far more cost-effective means.

Even in its natural state water contains contaminants such as bacteria, metals, organic matter and much more that does not agree with the water requirements necessary to sustain life.

The largest single Intaka Tech Water Purification Plant (WPP) can produce up to 25 000 litres of potable water per hour. Water purification units can be combined in parallel to produce up to 75 000 litres per hour. All models are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel; making them corrosion resistant and extremely durable to the elements and water treatment process. Models range from the larger High Rate Solids Contact Clarifiers with Pressure Filters to the smaller Lamellar Settlers with integrated Rapid Gravity Filters. Our services include manufacturing, installation, commission and maintenance contracts.

Our WPPs do not only remove high turbidity and colour, but also eliminate bacteria, spores, viral and parasitic pathogenic agents, thus preventing typical waterborne diseases.

Intaka’s WPPs are ideal for Public and Private bodies with ties to the Water Sector, namely Water Services Providers, Consulting Engineers, Civil Engineering Companies, Mining and exploration camps and Housing estate developers.

Intaka Tech’s WPP and its components can easily be transported to its destination and installed without complications. This degree of mobility allows us to be operational within two weeks once the items have been delivered. Our equipment is easily augmented into existing facilities or installed at urban and peri-urban communities and are ideal for rural areas where no plants or water services exist.

If measured against the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) the water produced by Intaka Tech’s WPP’S cannot be faulted and is consistently potable, which is why our water treatment systems are so popular and sought-after in South Africa’s rural regions. They deliver without fail.


Our WPPs have been successfully installed in South Africa, Angola and in South America, and are extremely well suited to the following applications:

  • Municipalities:
    • Augmentation into existingsystems
    • Peri-Urbancommunities
    • Rural communities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Mining and exploration camps
  • Housing estate developments
  • Food industry
  • Defence force

Range of WPP models

Plants are based on either the Solid Contact or on the Lamellar Settler principals. Water treatment plants may be purpose built for the client’s needs.
Standard models are as follows:

Model Configuration Treatment Capacity (per hour)
WPL-006-PF Single unit: 1 x 6m3/h 6m3/h
WPL-012-PF Single unit: 1 x 12m3/h 12m3/h
WPL-025-PF Single unit: 1 x 25m3/h 25m3/h
WPL-050-PF Double unit: 2 x 25m3/h 50m3/h
WPL-075-PF Triple unit: 3 x 25m3/h 75m3/h


  • Output capacities of up to 6000, 12000, 25000, 50000, 75000 litres per hour as standard.
  • Stainless steel grade 304 construction – excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Quick installation and short start up period (10 – 12 weeks from date of order in SA)
  • Easy to operate – primarily manual operation, with semi-automatic units optional.
  • Easily augmented into existing facilities.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Durable – lifespan of plant projected beyond 20 years.
  • Excellent water quality – complies with WHO standards and SANS 241:2011.
  • Portable and easily transportable (easy to relocate).
  • Various prefabricated reservoirs optional.
  • Water quality test equipment provided.
  • Flexible, reliable and adaptable to raw water quality.


Water Purification Comparison

Aspect Conventional Systems Intaka Water Treatment Plants
Period of construction Concrete works between 9 – 24 months for similar size plant – 1ML / day Operational within 4 to 6 weeks from date of order in South Africa
Mobility Fixed (Rigid) Can be relocated if required – often when bulk services reach the area
Design aspects Generally 20 year projection – capital underutilization during first couple of years Modular options available – thus shore up capacity as and when needed
Capital and O&M High upfront costs due to ‘projected demand’ – initially plant is greatly underutilized Lower due short implementation times and modular approach – increase as demand increases
Skills level Generally skilled operators and technicians required Semi-skilled operator required, where training is done by Intaka Tech
Maintenance Concrete spalling has significant cost implementations, especially in the last few years of its design lifespan. Often maintenance in contracted out to service providers. Low maintenance due to selective fabrication materials (stainless steel) and locally available parts. Due to simplistic design, self maintenance is recommended, however maintenance contracts are available.
Flexibility Process modifications are difficult to implement once installed or if water conditions change Flexible and more adaptable to water changes and process modification

Product Support

Intaka Tech’s customer service extends far beyond the sale of our WPPs to include:

  • Highly competent product support and customer service network in place throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries where our plants are operating.
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts are available.
  • All the process chemicals, preventative and corrective maintenance, as well as training and ongoing skills transfer to plant operators are included in the Service and Maintenance Contracts.
  • User friendly operation and maintenance manuals are provided.
  • WPPs are supported by technical experts at regional or local levels.


  • Our plants are completely fabricated and assembled in South Africa
  • ISO9001 registered,ensuring product compliance and a superior quality product
  • All electrical wiring complies with SANS 10142
  • Accredited with the Patents Act Certificate
  • A member of the Water Institute of South Africa(WISA)

Typical Installation - Nothern Cape
Obanjeni - KwaZulu-Natal
Governo de Angola, Agua Para Todos
UMDM: WPP050 delivered to Embuthweni Site
Treatment Station chemical and dosing
Treatment station electrical
Ritchie Municipality Northern Cape
Obanjeni - KwaZulu-Natal
Governo de Angola, Agua Para Todos
UMDM: Plinth ready for Purification Plant
Treatment Station chemical and dosing
Treatment station filtration
Applesbosch Hospital KwaZulu-Natal
Governo de Angola, Agua Para Todos
UMDM: Embuthweni site with WPP050 installed
UMDM: Plinth & retaining wall under construction
Abstraction platform
Treatment station - intermediate reservoir
Giyanny Municipality - Limpopo
Governo de Angola, Agua Para Todos
UMDM: WPP050 offloaded - Installation commences
UMDM: Site under construction at Embuthweni
Abstraction platform with pumps