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Medical Gas Piping System expanded at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi

Intaka Tech installed a 72 kg/hr oxygen gas generation plant at Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Central Hospital in October 2020. The Malawian Ministry of Health through UNICEF embarked on a further project to expand the medical gas piping system at the Hospital. In August 2022 Intaka Tech’s registered compressed medical gas technicians installed 795 meters of medical ...

Intaka installs oxygen gas generation systems at 2 hospitals in Eswatini

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) put out a tender for the supply of two 40 kg/hr oxygen generation systems at Hlatikulu and Nhlangano District Hospitals. After conducting a site visit at both hospitals, Médecins Sans Frontières accepted our competitive price offer for our design proposals. Hlatikulu District Hospital: On the 03 June 2022 Intaka ...

Oxygen Solutions for the Holy Innocents Children Hospital – Uganda

Intaka Tech installed an oxygen concentration system at Holy Innocents Children Hospital in Uganda based on the VSA model (Vacuum Swing Absorption) processes. These systems are compact and energy efficient compared to the traditional PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) technology. The gas generation system capable of producing 15.7 kg/hr. of medical oxygen at 93% purity was ...

Intaka installs Medical Bed Head units at Hakuna Matata Veterinary Clinic

Intaka Tech’s certified medical compressed gas technicians installed 5 Vertical Bed Head Units at Hakuna Matata Veterinary Clinic situated in West Beach, Cape Town, South Africa. The BHU’s installed were to provide an array of various gas outlet points for either oxygen, medical air, vacuum and anesthetic gas. Vertical Bed Head Units

COVID-19 Oxygen Solutions in Lesotho

The Lesotho Millenium Development Agency awarded a tender to Intaka Technology for the design, supply and commissioning of two 21 kg/hr containerized Oxygen PSA Gas Generation and Cylinder Filling Stations at Motebang Hospital in the North and Mafeteng Hospital in the West. The Lesotho Millenium Development Agency (LMDA) an organization created by the Government of ...
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